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You are still my man

You are still my man



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You are still my man






You are still my man

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"Gina promised herself that she would get married before she was twenty-five years old because they were in the race that when the woman was over twenty-five years old, she would be an old maid forever, just like her cousins and her aunts. Gina works as a waitress in an expensive restaurant at night and studies in the morning. Ace is the man she secretly loves and her co-worker as a waiter, he did nothing but tease her. Unexpectedly, Ace suddenly proposed marriage to her, even though he wasn't courting her. But Ace Durant's unromantic words were hardly the proposal of her dreams. Sees this as perhaps her chance to get married before she is twenty-five years old, and thus she can break the spell in their family beliefs. Gina decided to take Ace's offer, but she had also a proposal on her own. Never had such words affected the cold-hearted Ace. The undercover agent who pretended to be a waiter had told her that the only reason he would marry her was to protect her as if Gina's world collapsed when she heard that. But he was finding it increasingly difficult to keep their temporary marriage strictly in name only. Can Ace avoid Gina's venom and her seduction of him?"