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Worthy Mate

Worthy Mate


Adhara Rigel

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Worthy Mate






Worthy Mate

Rating: 6.0/10 from 41 ratings

Emi is not your ordinary girl. She and her family were part of the Elites, the largest hunter organization in Europes. But that's not what makes little Emi special, No it is the gene that makes her the freak in her clan, the girl that is not a full human nor a full werewolf a fact that is discovered when she was only 10. If that wasn't bad enough imagine the shock that came from this discovery to her aunt, Sheni, who wasn't just a hunter but the leader of The Elites Emi's father discovers his angel becoming the center of the clan's personal torturing bag for the werewolf kind when he comes home early from a business trip, He takes his daughter and runs off to Denmark and gets them accepted into one of the biggest fiercest packs that his great, great, great grandfather belonged to. This is where they both heal and start afresh until he is killed right before Emi's eyes on her sixteen birthday. Emi is forced back into the hunter Clan but this time she is stronger, harder, and as a family of werewolves and extremely thankful supernatural friends to help her take down the Elites. If that wasn't the best part of her return definitely meeting her mate and then the gorgeous tribrid that she meets along the way definitely steams things up... What will Emi do when knives are crossed, and hearts are broken, will she choose with her heart or with her blade that begs for blood...