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With deadly intent

With deadly intent


Lost in love

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With deadly intent






With deadly intent

Rating: 6.0/10 from 33 ratings

Kimberly Clarke is a busy forensic investigator working in LA. She is called out to a murder scene a woman has been raped and killed. The first suspect is the man she had a date with the night before, which turns out to be no other than famous actor and heartthrob Noah Davies . Soon it turns out that the killer isn't done, they have a sadistic serial killer on their hands, but can it really be the beloved actor or is someone else behind it ? Can Kimberly remain professional when he turns his charms on her ? Is her partner at the agency, Chris, just jealous ? And how does Lucas Anderson, another actor and friend of Noah fit into it all ? Warnings: This is a horror thriller serial killer mystery, so there will be violence. The chapters called "The (insert number) murder" will have explicit sexual violence and death. If you are squemish pass these by. There will be memories and talk of child abuse and sexual abuse, but not in details.