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Their End, My Beginning

Their End, My Beginning


Niklaus Yorasneh

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Their End, My Beginning






Their End, My Beginning

Rating: 6.0/10 from 46 ratings

When I saw him turning his face to me, all those memories came flooding into my mind. Tears started falling onto face. What made it worse was not him turning away and continuing whatever he came here for, but seeing his icy cold eyes. In past whenever he saw me even a bit upset, he came running to hug me. But now, everything changed. I feel like this is not my life anymore. I feel like I am having my worst nightmare. The love of my life giving me his icy cold eyes instead of his loving eyes, making me feel like I was his most precious possession, my parents not being in this world at all. God, wake me up soon. ~~~ Katherine goes through a worst phase of her life. Her parents death, her soulmate not even giving her a glance, her bestfriend hiding something from her, her family is a threat to her. Worse of all the identity of hers is a complete lie. She is not who she thought she was. She is on a journey to find the person who is the reason behind her parents death, the reason behind the changes of her childhood sweetheart to cold CEO, the reason behind the secrecy of her bestfriend.Tag along with Katherine to join the journey filled with secrets, romance and betrayals to find answers to all the questions. All she knows is that her parents End was just a Beginning.

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