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The Werewolf Prince's Vampire Mate

The Werewolf Prince's Vampire Mate


Ba Reum

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The Werewolf Prince's Vampire Mate






The Werewolf Prince's Vampire Mate

Rating: 6.0/10 from 38 ratings

A fierce war between werewolves and vampires declared the werewolves as victor. Now, they dominate and continue to fight for power amongst themselves, meanwhile vampires have become nothing but preys to their tyrannical ways. Olivia is a vampire who lives with her sick mother, hoping and praying that their skin and bones doesn’t become a werewolf’s next meal. But when the Werewolf Prince returns to the palace after months of war with victory in his hands, a sudden call for all female vampires to attend a banquet was issued. Olivia was forced to mingle with the werewolves she despised…but that wasn’t all. That night, she catches the eye of Dexter Savic; the man of the hour. Will this new mate bond between a werewolf prince and vampire change the fate of their species? Or will vampires fall closer to complete extinction?