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The Ultima's Princess

The Ultima's Princess



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The Ultima's Princess






The Ultima's Princess

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Ultima werewolves rank higher than the common Alpha and Luna in a pack. They were the first werewolves, long before even humanity could ever exist. When they are enraged, their eyes turn blood red, and sometimes go insane with rage, or even kill someone in the blink of their eyes. One of the dangerous powers that they have was the ability to transform humans into werewolves and werewolves into humans. They’re the strongest and most dangerous werewolves around the world and are almost extinct. The last Ultima Alpha, Zyren Marchand, wanted to find his Luna in order to stop this. But his Luna wasn't anywhere around the pack, she's a royalty, surrounded by nobles, people that would look at them with disgust. A princess whom he thought could never understand his pain, especially the power that he has that could be a curse and a blessing at the same time.