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The Rejected Hybrid

The Rejected Hybrid


Humble Smith

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The Rejected Hybrid






The Rejected Hybrid

Rating: 6.0/10 from 70 ratings

Elena Wolve was rejected and hated from birth.. She is the daughter of the most powerful and well known Alpha of the Silver moon Pack but then she was Rejected!! Why?? Her birth caused the death of her mother through the most painful labour ever recorded, Everyone including her father rejected her and treated her like a slave, Things got worse when she met her mate only to find out he is the son of her father's greatest enemy, Would he reject her or kill her instantly? Elena was left into the world of pain and rejection, no one knew who she really is, the secret behind her eyes, the power hidden in her, the kind of hybrid she was. All that was unknown till the day her pack was attacked and almost got into extinction by the Demon clan shockingly headed by the second Luna who had being a Demon in disguise.