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The Mafia's Heart's Keeper

The Mafia's Heart's Keeper



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The Mafia's Heart's Keeper






The Mafia's Heart's Keeper

Rating: 6.0/10 from 41 ratings

Hazel Rose, a beautiful 19 year old girl living with a mysterious and dark past that no one knows of. But her life changes when Xavier Knight ,the king of mafia offers her a deal . Xavier Knight , the king of the mafia world is a cold, ruthless monster with striking good looks that makes girls drool and the boys jealous of him. What makes him more devilishly handsome is the fact that he has a dangerous aura that will make you run and hide. He kills without a second thought and remorse. What happens when he meets Hazel?What happens when he makes a deal with her? Will Hazel agree to help him even when she knows he is dangerous ? Will they be able to find love ?What was the deal about ? Two different worlds Two different personalities What will happen when these two collide ? But as people say .... Opposites attract Read The Mafia's Heart Keeper to find out !!