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The Billionaire's Secret

The Billionaire's Secret



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The Billionaire's Secret






The Billionaire's Secret

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A broken teenage gamma werewolf with an abusive history turns out to be scared of love, friends, family, or anything that has to do with being in touch with her fellow werewolves. The life of a loner suddenly comes to an end when she finds out that she is mated to the alpha son Roderick, a popular boy who loves to party and have fun but when it comes to matters of the pack he is down to business and strict. Roderick has a secret and weakness which is love. Roderick finds out that Stacey the loner was his mate. At first, he was disturbed knowing how hard it is for her to come out in the open. The more Roderick keeps getting close to Stacey, the more secrets he begins to uncover and the mystery behind Stacey's reason for being this way. Will Roderick be able to help solve these mysteries or will he cause more pain to the poor gamma wolf?