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The Alpha King's Forbidden Hybrid

The Alpha King's Forbidden Hybrid


Beth Miller

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The Alpha King's Forbidden Hybrid






The Alpha King's Forbidden Hybrid

Rating: 6.0/10 from 73 ratings

Akira is wolfless, illegitimate, unwanted, and despised by every member of her pack including her father, the Alpha, and her step-mother, the Luna. But living becomes harder when dragons attack and she is dragged to Demagon, the dragon kingdom, to become a slave. To her, life is over when she is killed by the Dragon Lord in the most terrible way but it just begins when she’s given a second chance by the moon goddess herself. And it is revealed that she’s something everyone fears and wants dead… a hybrid. Lights spark when Akira returns and crosses paths with the legendary cursed Alpha King. Why she was resurrected remains a mystery but every wolf knows that the moon goddess doesn’t take action without a backfiring motive. Will the powerful Alpha King be freed from his curse and be able to accept her, will Akira turn from the weak maiden she once was to a powerful savior that Lunagron needs to be saved from the worst to come or will she destroy it like they always thought a forbidden hybrid would?