the crazy king
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the crazy king
Author :hirto
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Ended up for me I do not know how it happened just wanted to conquer the fruit of vitality as I ended up here would be that I killed her, probably not to blame and she that she kicked and I shredded well I was a genius in the past but now in full 21st century and I'm on the white lane people should think I'm trash, but that's not it. I was a genius until I was 12, but when I trained in the mountains along with my master of the martial academy of the city of Cui

my martial brother ended up pushing me to the cliff well I did not fall to death with a miracle of god I managed to survive but with that I finished my genius, well my family killed who pushed me but with that my chi faded not having the same resistance as the other people well it was not to be white band at least a gray band the chi does not give you strength people think I lost interest but in fact it's the damn device that came to my head sucking my vitality well the bands being white, gray, blue , Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Purple, Brown, Black with 10 DAN I am white even though someone without chi de facto and a pen well this device teaches me all the martial arts in the world being a good teacher going back to what matters , I'm going back to my damn master.

He's a greedy guy with no morals, the moment I lost chi and the interest in martial arts he began to mistreat me knowing that he could not expel me and my family did not care for me so I started to work under the orders of my master

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    《the crazy king》