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Taming the billionaire's sons

Taming the billionaire's sons


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Taming the billionaire's sons






Taming the billionaire's sons

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Crazy, sassy, badass, feisty and bad-mouthed, that's her description. she sells troubles in bunches, She has the crazy curves, brown eyeballs, pink lips and pouty cheeks. Who's she?.. Mandy Lucas that's her name, she's 20 years old, a true definition of craziness and a big trouble distributor..... Rex Tyson Ryan Tyson Rick Tyson These are the three sons of the most popular business tycoon in Korea. They're not triplets, they are brothers from different mothers but the same father. I'm sure you wanna know wanna know more about them. Henry Brown, Mr Tyson's Manager. Rachel Brown, Henry's younger sister. Charlotte Greg, Mandy's best friend. Paulina Lucas, Mandy's Mom. Carl Lucas, Mandy's kid brother. Dig deep to know more about these characters. It's going to be a super crazy ride I swear.