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Supernatural Call

Supernatural Call


Veronica Miracle

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Supernatural Call






Supernatural Call

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How would you react if you receive the following text message in the middle of the night? *1 Text Message from an Unknown Number +2359… at 3:00 A.M.* “I am coming to meet you soon, Mate!” ------------------- Veronica, a normal girl, was leading a normal life full of hard work, working her ass off at Perfumerza Company until one week she started receiving messages that kept her awake all the time. She tried the best ever technology in this world to track the stranger down who used to message her that she is his mate! Those messages started with sweetness and grew darker with every passing day until one night she received a message that scared the living daylights out of her, "I am coming to meet you soon, Mate on your favourite day weekend!" With just two days being away for the weekend how would Veronica prepare herself and start believing that apart from the realistic world, a supernatural world exists and she is being called by those red eyes that rule the supernatural world?

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