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Sold To The Ruthless Billionaire

Sold To The Ruthless Billionaire



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Sold To The Ruthless Billionaire






Sold To The Ruthless Billionaire

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“Stay away, don't come close to me." She cried, her voice sounded hoarse, even to her own ears. "This is your fate now, and you can't run from it, you belong to me now, and there's nothing you can do about it." He said with a dark chuckle. She saw an opening, the door to her room was still open, and the only thing she could think of at that moment was to run away. Without thinking twice, she made to run past him, but sadly, he grabbed her and held her tightly to himself. "Wrong idea princess." He whispered in her ears. "Ahh...let me go, please let me go, don't do this to me." She screamed. Her pleadings only fell on deaf ears, he held her hand then he dragged her to the bed, and he pushed her roughly to the bed. He went back to the door and hastily locked it. "There's no escaping from me now." He smirked. He walked to her, and she moved back in fear. "N n no, don't come any closer, stay away, don't come close to me." She cried. Truly, the things they say about him is true, he's ruthless and heartless, he's a monster who's got no heart, he cares about no one but himself, and what he wants, he gets. Sadly, he once visited her aunty's bar, and ever since he laid his eyes on her, he vowed to make her his. He got on top of her, and he pinned both her hands to her side tightly. She screamed, begged and cried, she even called out for help, but there was no one to rescue her. He ran his tongue up the side of her face. "So beautiful." He grunted. He could feel his dick already throbbing in his pants, it was getting hard and impatient to have a release, he just couldn't wait to devour her. "Don't worry love, you'll enjoy this." ***** What happens when Jane Maxwell is sold to the ruthless billionaire, Luxander De Luca who is a renowned sex maniac? Read on to enjoy steaming scenes as the ruthless billionaire pulls virgin Jane into his world, a world that is not only filled with passion and lust, but also a dark, hideous past.