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She Was The One He Couldn't Have

She Was The One He Couldn't Have



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She Was The One He Couldn't Have






She Was The One He Couldn't Have

Rating: 6.0/10 from 67 ratings

Mila Bennett, 17-year-old, sassy, friendly, feisty and the vice-captain of the dance team. Well, everyone except Hayes Miller, bad-boy and the captain of the basketball team in Henry M. Gunn High School, one of the best public schools in California. Rémy Miller, Hayes brother transfers to Henry M.Gunn high school. He's mesmerized by one girl, Mila. He wants no one but her. Hayes starts to catch feelings for the girl he never wanted, but the question is would Mila want a guy who has been a thorn in her flesh all these years? Or a guy that has always been there for her and cared for her. Rémy realises her unspoken feelings for his brother. He also realises that the love he had for her was just for friendship. When a baby comes in along the way, Is Mila ever going to tell her arch nemesis how she feels about him or she’s going to keep them to herself?