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Pregnant by Billionaire

Pregnant by Billionaire



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Pregnant by Billionaire






Pregnant by Billionaire

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Shieladine Heisy Reyes a coffee shop owner. She is pleased and happy with her life. She is the sole person residing in her condo as her parents passed away due to a car accident years ago. With her friend, she's having fun in the bar and meeting lots of guys. Because it's not her thing, she doesn't want to get married. Although she only wants to be a wealthy single woman but something will happen. Harrison Atthias Foster is a billionaire CEO. He has a pilot's license, a large fleet of aircraft at his disposal, and a large number of yachts that he enjoys using. His friends regard him as a serious man. He enjoys drinking at the pub. The two of them come together, and something happened. For them, it's a hot and rowdy night. They seem to be experiencing that feeling for the first time. And everything will alter that night. Will Shieladine change her mind about getting married? When she found out that she's pregnant by billionaire..