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Power Beyond the Blue

Power Beyond the Blue



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Power Beyond the Blue






Power Beyond the Blue

Rating: 6.0/10 from 45 ratings

It's such an amusing story how my life turns upside down, one time I was a princess then the next time I was dying in hunger while wondering alone in this cruel world and all of it happen because of once stupidity, those terrible things happen because of too much trust... I over come those hardship alone, from a princess I became thief to provide for my needs. Just when I decide what I have to do and what is it that important to me, but then someone came to help me out. Someone came to make me realize that I need to fight for the future and I'm going to fight because someone there with me and the Lahanan City people is hoping that one day the city will be back to the way it uses to be. Hundreds of people I came to meet and all of them has their own story to tell, But then, it's all a lie... All of those annoyingly happy times were illusion that was made to deceive me.