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Not Your Typical Alpha

Not Your Typical Alpha



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Not Your Typical Alpha






Not Your Typical Alpha

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Silver Forest Series: Not Your Typical Alpha (Book 1) | Completed The Alpha's Mistake (Book 2) | Completed The Alpha's Dragon Mate (Book 3) | To Be Announced ***WARNING THIS BOOK CONTAINS EXPLICIT SCENES, MANY SēX SCENES, LOTS OF VIOLENCE, AND A LOT OF VULGAR LANGUAGE*** Alejandro Blackstone is one of the strongest, most powerful alphas in the country. He was raised to be serious and ruthless to the enemy, but at home he is a silly and loving son, brother, and best friend. Everything is going great until he runs into his mate at the club grinding on another guy. What will happen when he finds out who she is and why it’s almost impossible for them to be together? Will he give up on her? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Looking for your next victim?” I smirked. He grinned widely. “You don’t mind staying here with the twins, right?” He asked. “Get out of here you horny bastārd!” I said while pushing him out. He was gone within seconds. “Alpha, do you need another whisky on the rocks?” Chad, one of my warrior twins asked. “Yes, thanks Chad.” I turned back around and stared through the glass wall in our section. I spotted a beautiful brunette with the sexiest curves. She is wearing what looks to be a tight as? shirt with black or shiny black pants. When Chad walked back with my whiskey, I made my way to the first floor where the brunette and her friend were at. That’s when it hit me. The mouthwatering summer breeze scent. I gulped before chugging the remainder of my whiskey. I sucked in as much of the scent as I could and started walking quickly towards it, which to my surprise was the same sexy fūcking brunette. I’m still at a distance when I see some fūcker putting his disgusting arms around my mate’s waist. I swear I see fūcking red!