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My Boss, My Husband

My Boss, My Husband



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My Boss, My Husband







My Boss, My Husband

Rating: 6.0/10 from 192 ratings

QUATRO EROTICA SERIES #1 Story of Knight Saavedra Read at your own risk [Strictly R-18 with SPG & BD$M scenes ahead] Can you survive in a pretentious world where your boss is your devious and tempting husband? Emerald Constantine had a lofty dream in life, and even though she was not able to graduate from her Business Management course, she was able to become a model because of her beauty and self-confidence. Because of the unexpected cost-cutting of her former company, Emerald lost her job. She met Knight Saavedra — the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the modeling agency, where she tried to find new employment. Instead of a job, Knight offered her a six-month contract where she would pretend to be his wife and become an international supermodel for his company. Worse scenario, Emerald found out that she became the alluring fantasy of her rude boss. Knight wished for them to spend sleepless and playful nights during their fake marriage. He wanted to explore her enticing body and f**k her to his extent. Will she be able to work for him and be his wife simultaneously? How will Emerald give in to Knight's temptation and provide the passion he yearned from her?