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Mommy, Hiding From Billionaire's Daddy

Mommy, Hiding From Billionaire's Daddy


Little omega

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Mommy, Hiding From Billionaire's Daddy






Mommy, Hiding From Billionaire's Daddy

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Warning: Mature content 18+ Dedicated and hardworking, Julia Winston is known to be the only PA who lasted with the ruthless Billionaire of Steele Empire, Robert Steele. They called him the devil in a business suit. He is a control freak and a perfectionist. —And so, when his fiancée leaves him after catching him and Julia naked on his bed—all because of a drunken blunder—hell twitches to break loose. He’s determined to make Julia suffer— wrecked her for the rest of her life. But when Robert suddenly becomes silent for years, everyone believes he’s moved on in the end and forgot about that drunken night. But when he finds out that Julia hiding their Billionaire’s daughter from him for years, the anger that he once felt for her reappears in an instant. “No more weddings going on. Goodbye, Robert,” Camila said and quickly left the room. Robert just stared at the ring. He looks serious and doesn’t really move. I was nervous about what he could do to me. I knew my boss. I knew how ruthless he was. And I know he can’t forgive me for what happened. I jumped so hard that Robert threw the ring and cursed loudly. “Goddammit!” He quickly got in front of me and without warning strangled my neck tightly. I held his hand when I felt the pain. I buried my nails in his hand and fought — just in case he let go of my neck but it didn’t happen. “Remember this, fucking bitch. I..I will make your life a living hell. I will torture you until you beg me to just kill you. Be ready then.” Robert violently released my neck before quickly getting dressed and leaving the room.

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