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Mated To The Enemy

Mated To The Enemy



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Mated To The Enemy






Mated To The Enemy

Rating: 6.0/10 from 45 ratings

Synopsis: Erika Parker, this totally normal girl living a totally normal life in her totally normal town. That was until her totally normal life is turned upside down, she arrives home to discover her town is under attack, now if that wasn’t bad enough, it was under attack by wolves. Within the attack was an Alpha, who as soon as his eyes land on Erika, he’ll stop at nothing until she’s under his power. Erika feels like she’s under this mysterious man’s spell every time she looks into his eyes. Ex’s and lies start to fill Erika’s life, all at the hands of the man she locked with eyes the night of the attack. Will she ever be free from his spell? Could she learn to love a monster? Read on to find out how it really is to be, Mated To The Enemy. Author: Beth Venning Publisher:EasyReading