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Legally Married To My First Love

Legally Married To My First Love



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Legally Married To My First Love






Legally Married To My First Love

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I didn’t realize my marriage with Leander Sanchez was a wishful thinking until his mistress and child popped up at the hospital. The betrayal of my husband and the protection of my mother-in-law to the mistress ruined my reputation and drove me out of the family... When I was looking for the chance to take the revenge, Leo Gray, my first love at college, walked into my life. We reached an agreement that I helped him to get rid of his fiancée, and he helped me to revenge. I thought this was just an arranged marriage, but I didn't expect it to completely changed my life... "Pauline, I will appoint you as a director in a few days." Leo reached out his hand to touch me. "I can't take this off." "You don't want to be a director? Then you can be the president's wife! You?have?a?gift?for?it...." No matter in the past or the future, it seemed like I couldn't escape from his control...