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His Puppet

His Puppet


Beth Venning

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His Puppet






His Puppet

Rating: 6.0/10 from 15 ratings

Freya was just your typical normal girl, never really stood out in the crowd she kinda blended in. But things were about to drastically change. It was just a normal every other day, she walks to the shop to buy milk but it's what happens there, that will alter her life forever. Two masked men burst into the shop she was in, at first glance she thinks they're just there to rob the place, but something much more sinister was at play. She is abducted along with a four week old baby, it's there she is forced to play the evil mans wife. Anyone that tries to get in his way don't last long, he is the game master of this weird fantasy game he plays. Follow along with this story on how this normal person, just like you or I, became the pawn in this sick mans game. Author: Beth Venning Publisher:EasyReading