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His Mate His Sex Slave

His Mate His Sex Slave


Simrah Saeed

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His Mate His Sex Slave






His Mate His Sex Slave

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" Strip " He commanded loathly. His voice cold as ice! Daciana's amber eyes stared at him in mortal terror. Terrified, scared and petrified. " I hate repeating myself female, undress yourself " he added icily. ***** Due to the past events that happened in his life, Alpha Connor grew up to hate omegas. The Omegas left nothing but painful memories in him after they wiped out his entire family and took over his throne. Blinded by deep hatred and revenge, Alpha Connor vowed to make that particular kind go through the pain he went through. The scars, the memories that hunt him forever. He plans on inflicting it on them, including her! For being an Omega, he loathes her. His hatred for her is raw and deep, The pure, innocent and submissive girl who happens to be his mate, his Luna.