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His Cure

His Cure


Ajayi Esther

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His Cure






His Cure

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"I will go straight to the point. I'm suffering, but your stories does find a way to calm me down. I suffer every hour,and so,you have to write me stories every hour. The contract term is three months,if you fail to heal me by that time,I will.."he took a gulp down and looks away. "You would leave me no choice but to kill you."he dropped the bombshell. ★★ In the reading community,he is IntrovertBoy,in reality he is Gregory,with a dark pasts. He approached Beatrice with a deal. And,that was to write stories and read to him as that is his only cure. At first, Beatrice thought it was just that. An addiction. But,later,she realizes it was more than that as she was faced with different dangerous encounter with him. And, what? Under his threat,she cannot leave his house.