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Flames Of Sizzling Desires

Flames Of Sizzling Desires


Author Anika

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Flames Of Sizzling Desires






Flames Of Sizzling Desires

Rating: 6.0/10 from 80 ratings

A Notorious Playboy || An Innocent Stripper || A Charming Officer In a blink of an eye, Cara Silencio lost everything in life. She was kicked out of her family at the young age of eighteen and since then she is working hard to make a place for herself in the world. During her zest to do something in life to make her dad proud, she met Keith Wilson, the charming police officer, whom Cara truly believed was her soulmate that god assigned to shield her from the demons of her past.? But destiny deceived her again, forcing her to leave everything behind and disappear into an endless tunnel of darkness where she had to sell her shame to afford two meals a day and as always Cara had no choice but to survive in the cruel world.? What will happen when the country’s notorious playboy and a heartthrob Aries Grayson will officially mark his entry into her life?? Will Cara ever be able to cross the dark tunnel and fight for her justice?? Who is Cara Silencio exactly and why Aries is determined to expose her every secret before the world?? Who will be Cara’s Knight in disguise? The playboy or the cop? Let’s find out in the story! COPYRIGHT ?? 2021?AUTHOR ANIKA ALL RIGHTS RESERVED