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Fatal Attraction In Second Marriage

Fatal Attraction In Second Marriage


Jeffie Fleck

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Fatal Attraction In Second Marriage






Fatal Attraction In Second Marriage

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"Sir, she's not dead yet. Do you want me to run her over again?" "Do it.” The battered and bloodied Rebecca overheard her husband's order and gritted her teeth. The couple had never consummated their marriage, and consequently, they never had a child. However, their childless marriage drove her mother-in-law to accuse Rebecca of being infertile. Now, not only did her husband cheat on her, but he also wanted her dead! He could've just divorced her, but here he was, trying to kill her... Rebecca, who narrowly escaped death, immediately divorced her heartless husband and married again soon after. Her second husband was the most prominent man in the city. She vowed to use his power to her advantage and take revenge on those who had hurt her! Their marriage was supposed to be just a deal beneficial for both of them. Unexpectedly, when the dust settled, her second husband took her hand and pleaded, "Why not stay with me forever?"