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Dark Wolf Series

Dark Wolf Series



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Dark Wolf Series






Dark Wolf Series

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For the past 3 years, she's been living a normal human life. Although she wasn't particularly happy, she preferred it more than home. She doesn't trust easily and won't let anyone close enough to hurt her again. Amaris Thorne, the only heir to her father's pack declined anything to do with being an Alpha. She hates pack life and what being a werewolf means. She loathes the idea of a mate, the one who is bound to you for eternity. But, Amaris has a secret. A deadly secret that has put her in harms way more than once. After a tragedy in the pack, Amaris returns home with her emotions high and her walls even higher. When she arrives she is greeted by Alpha Rhydian who has taken the position of Alpha of The Dark Wolf Pack. She's thrown into turmoil when he turns out to be her mate... Or is he? But not all is what it seems and Amaris soon finds herself fighting for her life. Author: JLM Publisher:EasyReading