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Dark Obsession

Dark Obsession



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Dark Obsession






Dark Obsession

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"My world is dark And I'm obsessed with the darkness around me I feel like I'm the darkness itself" Eden, a young man raised in Mexico, was subjected to both sexual and verbal abuse when he was a child. His past experiences in the hands of his step parents created a dark cloud around him and nightmares which scared him away from his shadow. He grew up with a thirst for revenge after his grandma was murdered by mysterious men who were sent to take his life. His quest for revenge for the people who hurt him made him grow up to become someone else and something called the darkness. He became so obsessed with his dark world as he unleashed vengeance on the people who hurt him. His hatred for women knew no bounds due to his bitter childhood experience. But then everything changed when a young lady was kidnapped and brought to him to defile. He found out an important truth about her that changed his life forever and that would bring him out of his darkness and lead him to the light. Would she be able to bring him out of his darkness? Would he be able to complete his conquest when he finally meets the light?