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CEO's Passion: Love by Mistake

CEO's Passion: Love by Mistake


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CEO's Passion: Love by Mistake






CEO's Passion: Love by Mistake

Rating: 6.0/10 from 1500 ratings

Tragedy strikes almost five years ago when Natalie Smith's parents once-blissful marriage ends in an earth-shattering divorce. Her father, the face of cruelty itself, felt no love for his family any longer and sent them to fend for themselves. Just when you think they can finally catch a break, her beloved brother faces a life-threatening heart illness that requires immediate medical attention. Desperate and with no way out, she goes through questionable means to ensure that her brother survives. Natalie's plan? Sneaking into an unknown man's room at night and conducting the ultimate ruse, before disappearing into thin air. Five years later, she returns to her home country with two babies in tow, determined to take back all that she had. As fate would have it, she runs into the most powerful man in the area, who has many questions about the paternity of her children. Will she keep playing this ruse, or will she run away again?