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Blind Empress Rebirth

Blind Empress Rebirth


Lina Bell

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Blind Empress Rebirth







Blind Empress Rebirth

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Huan Meirong was blinded by love and took things for granted. Despite being smart and powerful, she was deceived by her most beloved person, her husband, the Emperor of Huang Empire along her most trusted friend. She was played by them from the start; all the love and laughs had been all false! How naive had she been! In the end, she was drugged and her heart was stabbed by the hands of her best friend as her husband watched with cold eyes; there was no love within them, she must have been truly blind to not have seen it in all the years she had been by his side. But the Heavens were benevolent and gave her a second opportunity. She was reborn in a different body, recovering her youthful looks but as she had told herself in her death many times, she was really blind and not in a figurative manner, her eyes couldn't see.