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Billionaire and His Scheming Beauty

Billionaire and His Scheming Beauty



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Billionaire and His Scheming Beauty






Billionaire and His Scheming Beauty

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When Fleur married Olivier, he had already fallen for someone else. So she used all her means to change his mind. After getting married, she acted like a spoiled child. Olivier hated that she was always pestering him,and he would say, "Don't touch me." However, later, he fell for her and got used to her pestering. His pet phrase became: "Come to my arms." … Everyone thought that Fleur must have loved him to death, but she said, "I have wonderful acting skills." However, when it came to acting skills, she was far inferior to Olivier. He had used marriage to put on a wonderful and exquisite show for her. Later, that beautiful and coquettish woman disappeared from Olivier's side. No one dared to mention it. Only Olivier would call her name over and over again when he was unconscious. … When you came, I had nowhere to hide from you. When you left, I didn't how to cure my heart.

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