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Be A Vampire's Surrogate

Be A Vampire's Surrogate



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Be A Vampire's Surrogate






Be A Vampire's Surrogate

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"I know you mortals, you'd do anything to earn cash, Why reject this? I'll pay you so much that you'll never have to suffer till you die." She felt belittled by the way he spoke, he was no better than she was! well, except the wealthy part... the handsome part too, he was damn perfect. He knew she had a question because he had his hawk-like eyes on her ever since she arrived. "What is it flower girl? hmm?" he played the words on his lips with a smile. "How many times?" "What? sex?" he asked like he was ignorant. she gulped down saliva with a simple nod, "The doctor said you're fine, so we'll keep doing this until you take my seed in you," *** Six years ago he accidentally killed his sister's husband and only child, She was in so much pain after everything so he promised to do anything for her until she comes with the most unbelievable request. she forced him pay her back by giving her his own child. He had to find a surrogate for the child since he had no family. what happens when he picks a human instead of their own kind? A human who is unaware of her past and the stories related to her mother, the rogue wolf from the blood moon pack.