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Back To December (Love Symphony Series #1)

Back To December (Love Symphony Series #1)



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Back To December (Love Symphony Series #1)






Back To December (Love Symphony Series #1)

Rating: 6.0/10 from 32 ratings

Tiffany Salazar has witnessed how her once-perfect family turned into a broken one. That’s why she did everything she could to make sure that her relationship with her boyfriend, Travis Jason Vernon, would not share the same fate as what happened to her parents. But as the years passed by, the realization hit her. In order to be with the man that she truly loves and maintain the stability of their relationship, she had to give up one thing that she ever wanted: Freedom. Wherein no one will have full control of her life. To the point that she doesn’t even know her true self anymore. That’s why, no matter how much she wants to protect the love that they have, in the end, she chooses to protect herself first. And it will only happen if she breaks up with Travis. So she did. As she finally goes on with her life, she notices that something is still missing. That the freedom she wants never gave her happiness and contentment. Much to her regret, it only became the reason for her to lose her first and true love. Determined to win Travis back, will she be able to correct the mistake she made and restart everything from that Christmas night? Or will she end up drowning herself in regrets and embracing her chosen freedom?