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Babes Stripping For Love

Babes Stripping For Love


Cassandra Davy

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Babes Stripping For Love






Babes Stripping For Love

Rating: 6.0/10 from 54 ratings

Babes is a strip club where the dancers danced, there are strict rules for the dancer not to offer themselves to their clients. Prostitution is a big no at the club. Though rules are meant to be broken, especially when the dancers are desperate enough to get extra cash. Babes cater to a high-end clientele of well-dressed men with various backgrounds, from rich sleazy playboys, and bad boys CEO executives, to cheating husbands with cash to spend for a private lap dance. The dancers at Babes are beautiful sexy women with different backgrounds from struggling actresses, and single moms with bills to cover, to students having to pay for their student loans, there are also women who just like to dance and be appreciated by men. But in Babes, people fall in love, strangely they found their match in the high-end strip club where they least expected. Follow this story and read how the dancers struggle for love and how the men find their future happiness.