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An Irresistible Widower

An Irresistible Widower


Autora Betania Vicente

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An Irresistible Widower






An Irresistible Widower

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Alexandre Mendon?a I live only for my work and my two children. In fact, I don't want any other woman, the one I really wanted was my wife, but, unfortunately, she is gone. I loved her so much that my heart still aches and bleeds, and I have closed myself off to all women, for none will ever come close to my dear departed wife, Sarah! But that changed after the call I made today. Whose sassy, sexy voice was that? I wondered. Until today when I received a strange phone call. What did I want? I wanted to meet the owner of that sassy, sensual voice. Jackeline Baptista or Jack Baptista I don't know what I have done to God! I am pissed off. All things are going wrong. Even my job, which I love so much, is driving me crazy. All because of that man who is drop-dead gorgeous and who appeared to have an ogre-like manner, shit, there I am thinking about that idiot, who I saw today in the elevator of my friend's company.