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Alpha Meets His Match

Alpha Meets His Match


Britt Wilder

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Alpha Meets His Match






Alpha Meets His Match

Rating: 6.0/10 from 39 ratings

“Maybe it’s time to go over the f*****g rules of this household Jo…. rules that you WILL obey.” I roll my eyes. I can’t stand domineering assholes. “One. You will stay on the territory unless I permit it. The first couple of weeks, you will be restricted to the pack house only. Be a good little b***h and we can talk about visits to the town.” He’s waits for a reaction from me, but I just wave my hand for him to continue. “Two. What I do in my spare time is my f*****g business- you don’t need to interfere with any of my affairs.” “Work or pleasure?” I interrupt, batting my eyelashes so sweetly. His eyes ice over… if looks could kill. “f*****g both...., and Three. You are not allowed to visit, talk, or touch any male on my territory, and that’s final." At this, I finally laugh at my dear mate. “Yea, that’s not gonna work for me Alpha.” ___________________________________________________ Vincent thought his future luna would cower and comply with his way of life. He even thought the pain of cheating on your mate would put her in her place. But what he didn't expect was Jo, who delivered him an exact dose of his own medicine. Toxic relationship, hidden truths, and tough to love describes the story of Jo and Vincent. It will be rough and hard, just like their s*x life. What will be the end result?