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A Luna With Royal Blood

A Luna With Royal Blood


Belleza J

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A Luna With Royal Blood






A Luna With Royal Blood

Rating: 6.0/10 from 90 ratings

Both kingdoms have been at war with one another for ages. But soon, they find that there is ultimate adversary that threatens the very existence of everyone and everything they love and hold dear to their hearts- the berserkers. No one kingdom can stand against this common enemy except by the force of a United purpose and strength. To bring peace and tranquility to the two kingdoms, Ashina is forced to become the Luna of Prince Juan of Scyta against her wished to marry Decker Hemming, the son of a noble from her own kingdom. Even as she still has emotions for Decker, she develops some for prince Juan too whom she despised at first and this creates a triangular love puzzle. In Scyta, Ashina uncovers many mysteries that she wishes to get to the bottom of, including the death of her late father and the sort of being she is. After the dust settles and everything has come to light, Ashina must make a choice. Remain by Juan's side as his Luna or go back home and become Decker's Luna?