World's Strongest
27 Hunting in the Forest of Death Part Two
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World's Strongest
Author :Profound1
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27 Hunting in the Forest of Death Part Two

During the last couple of years, Naruto had not simply been training his body. While browsing the books in Konoha library, he had also been studying any medical books he could find. In those books, there were many references about the uses of poison that can be used both in fights as well as Medical Ninjutsu. The reason that he had not learnt any Medical Ninjutsu was not due to lack of talent but due to his poor Chakra Control. However, with his Chakra Control improving on a daily basis, his desire to be an expert in every single field of Ninja had rekindled. Thus, he decided once he found the time and his Chakra Control broke through to the High Kage Level, he would start training in Medical Ninjutsu.

The greatest Combat Ninja he had read up on belonged to one of the Sennins; the Slug Princess. Only someone like her would be worthy enough to teach Naruto Medical Ninjutsu as she was the leading authority in Medical Ninjutsu. However, Naruto was disappointed to find out that she had long left the village and had been a long time since anyone had seen her. Despite the disappointment, Naruto was not been in a hurry to go look for her since Naruto was still a way off from perfecting his Chakra Control.

"Alright, stand back everyone," said Naruto as he slowly made his way towards the spiders. "I have uses for these spiders. I want nobody to touch them."

"What incredible pressure he's emitting," muttered one of Yugito's teammates as cold sweat trickled down his spine.

Naruto had just applied his Chakra Pressure Technique. With his mastery over the technique, he could freely choose the targets that received the full blunt force of his technique.

Aside from Sasuke and Sakura, Naruto had included the Cloud's Genin team to also be on the receiving end of his Chakra Pressure Technique. Despite behaving in a friendly manner towards Yugito and Bee as fellow Jinvhurikis, Naruto had not forgotten his grudge against Cloud. After all, they had made kidnapping attempts on the two women he held dearest to his heart; his mother and Hinata. He would not let it go until he payed them back with interest.

'It's a shame those three are dead,' muttered Naruto, looking at the three dead giant spiders. 'But their dead bodies are still useful. I should collect them nonetheless.'

Under the heavy pressure of his Chakra Pressure Technique, the giant spiders were plastered into the ground. Naruto casually walked past each of the spiders as he placed a Seal on each and every one of them, effectively disabling their movements and Chakra. While in the process of doing so, he also swiftly transferred them into his Storage Seal he had prepared beforehand.

Once he was finished, Naruto lazily glanced back at the Cloud team. Their knees were shaking as they looked at Naruto with immense shock plastered on their faces. Although he had also placed them under his Chakra Pressure Technique, Naruto made sure not to be too severe on them. Despite his grudge against the Hidden Cloud Village, it was not directed at the entire village. He merely despised their leadership as it was them who had given the order for the kidnapping.

"What's shaking guys?" asked Naruto with a sly smirk on his face. By now, he had lifted his pressure technique Yugito and her teammates weren't affected by it anymore.

Although Naruto had applied his chakra pressure on them as well, it wasn't as bad as it had been with the venomous spiders.

"Just how strong are you?" asked Yugito while catching her breath.

"Do you really need an answer?" asked Naruto, walking up to Yugito.

"Thank you for saving us," said Yugito gratefully. She knew she would be able to get any answers from Naruto about his powers.

"You guys owe me one," said Naruto, his sly smirk still plastered on his face. "But we can call it even if you have the Earth Scroll."

"We do, but if we hand it over to you we'll be eliminated," complained Yugito as she desperately looked at Naruto.

"Maybe, but we could always fight for it," said Naruto with a glint in his eyes. This caused Yugito and her team to shiver from cold sweat.

It was already bad enough that they could barely withstand his Chakra Pressure, but to actually fight him over the scroll? That was plain suicide.

"Besides, you can always steal them from the other teams," continued Naruto. "The rules doesn't say that you can't do that if you lose the scroll you were given. So, what's it gonna be?"

"Fine, here," said Yugito as she rummaged through her Ninja Pouch and passed her Earth Scroll to Naruto. She had also realised this now that she calmed down a bit.

"Thank you," said Naruto with a bright smile, catching the scroll. He immediately placed it on his pouch with the Heaven Scroll. "Be careful while you're in this forest. There are some monsters at the Jonin Level, so stay clear of them. By the way, can you use the Kitten's Chakra inside you? I've been curious about that since I first met you."

"I can, why do you wanna know?" replied Yugito.

"Why didn't you use it earlier?" asked Naruto curiously. "You could have caused your team's death just now."

"Urgh ... I didn't want to draw attention to myself," groaned Yugito, as she looked at her team with a guilty expression.

"Use it freely," said Naruto simply. "If anyone asks, blame it me. With the cat's Chakra, you can easily match a Jonin in combat power. Well, see you. Sasuke, Sakura, we're leaving."

Naruto turned around and started moving diagonally to the left away from Yugito and her team. Naruto's comments had left them stunned.

"That was the worst situation I've ever gotten into in my life," said one of Yugito's teammates as he clenched this fists. "I don't know what's more embarrassing; getting rounded up by this spiders, being saved by that Blondie or how easily he took care of them."

"Yeah, I know how you feel," said Yugito through gritted teeth. "Let's go! We need to redeem ourselves!"

*** With Team Seven ***

"Way to go Naruto," cheered Sakura happily. "You managed to get us the second scroll. We can now head straight for the tower."

"Naruto, teach me that technique of yours," demanded Sasuke in his usual arrogant manner as he too did his best to match Naruto's speed.

"Sakura, we won't be going straight for the tower," said Naruto excitedly. "And Sasuke, you're not strong enough for the techbique yet. Reach Jonin Level and I'll teach it to you. You need high level Chakra Control, highly pure Chakra and big enough Chakra Reserves. Right now you possess move of it."

"Hmph!" snorted Sasuke as he looked away from embarrassment. Here was a kid his own age as well as an orphan just like him who was way stronger than him, yet he could not do anything about it right now. It made him feel like he's missed so much on his training as Naruto just simply kept on widening the gap between them.

"We're front to be fighting monsters to improve each of your battle senses," said Naruto happily. "But the one to finish them off will be me.

As they progressed through the forest, Team 7 came across a multitude of lone mutated monsters like giant rats, rabbits, snakes wolves, dogs and cats. Of course, Naruto made Sasuke and Sakura fight them together as a duo team. This made their battle prowess to take a massive leap. This was especially the case with Sasuke as his natural talent was coming into light. Of course, it was Naruto who was delivering the finishing blow.

Naturally, Naruto did not kill any of them as he wanted to study them to find out how many uses each of the mutated beasts had. He would store them all in his storage seal.

There was another main benefit that Naruto gained by defeating the beasts: experience points. By spending a couple of hours hunting them, his experience bar had filled up by half. This was only from Chunin Level Beasts. At this rate, within the five days of such hunting, Naruto should be able to level up by about 5 times.

Naruto suddenly skidded to a halt in his tracks, causing Sasuke and Sakura to almost run into him.

"What's wrong?" asked Sakura.

"Be on your guards," warned Naruto in a serious tone. "We're being watched."

"Kid, this one's quite strong," growled Kurama in Naruto's mind.

'I know,' replied Naruro. 'He's quite dangerous too. I can already feel his bloodlust.'

Sasuke and Sakura had already taken out their respective Kunei from their pouches and had taken a battle positition. They scanned their surroundings warily as Naruto simply stood still.

"Stop hiding like a thief and come out already," called out Naruto.

"Hehehe, you're quite the sharp sensor, kid," said a creepy voice.

A few meters in front of Naruto, a figure started emerging from the ground. As the figure emerged from the ground, Naruto bore witness to the creepiest face he had seen in his life, causing him to cringe heavily. The woman had long smooth black hair and black eyes. She wore a straw hat with her forehead protector underneath.

"You reek of snakes, lady," growled Naruto. "Speak, who are you?"

Naruto had already checked the woman's Chakra Level and was astonished to see it was on par the Hokage's if not higher. There were only three people in the entire village with such a massive Chakra Reserve in the entire village; himself, the Hokage and Danzo. However, this woman's Chakra felt very dangerous. Naruto's senses were going haywire and was getting an extremely strong urge to kill her.

"You're an interesting boy," said the lady in her creepy voice, causing Sasuke and Sakura to shiver. "You're very strong for someone your age."

The woman smiled creepily as she applied her Chakra Pressure Technique. Naruto immediately applied his own Chakra Pressure Technique, immediately offsetting hers, something that clearly surprised her greatly.

"Shadow Clone! Sasuke, Sakura, run!" ordered Naruto as he immediately created two Shadow Clone. "Stay with my clone and don't do anything stupid. Clone two, you know what to do."

Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto's two clones immediately nodded in confirmation.

"You may be strong for a Genin brat, but do you think you can go anywhere without my permission?" asked the woman in her creepy voice.

"Nobody asked for your permission creepy lady," said Naruto. "You four, leave now."

"Right," replied the four as they ran off in two different directions.

"Not so fast," said the woman as glared at the group.

"You think I'll let you bypass me?" growled Naruto as he activated his Sharingan.

Naruto had long before coated his Sharingan with the highest level of Genjutsu he had in his arsenal. It was so strong that even someone at the Kage level would require a long time to realise it was cast, that was after knowing it was there. Someone like the woman who was not expecting it would naturally take even longer.

Whatever technique the woman was about to cast was immediately dispelled by Naruto, greatly shocking as well as annoying the woman. She decided to take Naruto more seriously and paid a higher level of attention to him.

'I'll be able to catch up with Sasuke after I've taken care of this brat,' thought the woman as she prepared to face off against Naruto.

"I won't repeat myself again, who are you?" asked Naruto in a threatening voice.

"Such power at such a young age, truly marvellous," said the woman. "You'll make a fine test subject."

"Enough bullshit, woman!" shouted Naruto, his danger senses flying off the roof. "You're going down! Since you're not willing to identify yourself, I'll just have to peel it off your mind."
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