True Vampire
4 unnamed
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True Vampire
Author :SeventhLord
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4 unnamed

Right now I'm in the capital city of Zikar located in the Salazar empire. The Salazar empire is a kingdom neighboring the Rayne kingdom and Rozax empire. It was known mostly for its mages as Rozax was for its warriors and Rayne for its merchants. Although I was only an A-ranked, it was already very high as that was the highest ranking they were authorized to give without something like a war happening. Anyways, I was invited to become a teacher at the Alius Royal Academy. I accepted since I didn't have anything better to do and I get to make easy money. Anyways, I'm heading there to get a tour off of the school before I officially start teaching. The School was very large, just the hallway was as large as an American-Football court, thankfully I was a vampire and didn't tire easily.

"Hey, you guys heard about the new teacher?"

"I heard that he's one of the youngest high mages in the country."

"I heard that he's an A-ranked."

"What, that's gotta be fake."

Upon entering the class I heard the students chattering about me.
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"Quiet down everyone. Good morning class, my name Vlad Furvus and I will be your homeroom teacher and fire magic instructor for this school year, I'm not familiar with all of you so come to the front and tell me a bit about yourself starting with you at the front."

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    《True Vampire》