True Vampire
2 Unnamed
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True Vampire
Author :SeventhLord
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2 Unnamed

It has been around a year since I started training and I am now able to control my strength and speed perfectly. It has only been around four months since I started training with umbrakinesis as I wanted to focus on control over my physical aspects first because while I wanted to be the mage type, I understood the importance of having a strong body and good control. But before I could continue training in umbrakinesis, I sensed some presences heading in my direction so I waited for them to arrive.


"kreug gugu bada"(get the human)

I heard as I saw the silhouette of a young woman being chased by short, green-skinned, bald-headed humanoids.


She screamed as she saw me. Deciding that this was a good chance to practice, I killed the goblins by making their shadows stab their hearts from the front.

"Are you alright, milady?"
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"ye...yes..thank you..Mr.?"

"Furvus, Vlad Furvus and you are?"

"Forgive my manners, my name is Emily, Emily Salas."

After that we made some small talk and she said that she would lead me to town and treat me to some food as thanks for saving her.

After a tour of the town and a hearty meal,

"Hey Emily, do you know of an easy way to earn money."

"Well the simplest way would be becoming an adventurer or a mercenary and killing strong monsters but considering your strength it shouldn't be too hard for you."

She said after thinking for a while. After asking her about trivial stuff; most of which was common knowledge, I went to the adventurer's guild, once there, I immediately noticed how rowdy it was.

"Pardon me, I would like to register as an adventurer." I told the cute receptionist.

"sure thing sir, just fill out these form and you'll be considered an E rank adventurer but to rise in rank you have to complete 10 quests consecutively."

"Ok" I replied and filled up the form. after three days, I became a D rank adventurer, it took three days because I was very lazy.
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    《True Vampire》