Time-Slip Romance
8 Capitulo VIII -Free Loading?
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Time-Slip Romance
Author :ReneesmeQueen
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8 Capitulo VIII -Free Loading?

The little guy whose name is Kiko was tugging the young lady's hand as he showed her the way to his house.

After a long walk, the two finally came to a house just near the market. It's just a modest size family home. The house has two floors and even though the structure of the outside is slightly a bit old, the interior is still good and beautiful. Kiko pushed the wooden door of the house and together, they entered. Aya was amazed at the scene before her. The whole first floor of the house was filled with different tools and crafting materials used in making things. There is also an old chimney at the very end. Inside each cabinet, tools which were made with iron and steel items were properly placed. There are also a number of stalled horse boots lying on the table and some of the ready made farm tools which are also made from irons and steel.

The eyes of the girl showed amazement. The little boy Kiko noticed her reaction and a huge smile struck at his small and round face.

"What kind of place is this?" Aya asked the little boy as she pointed at the things on the table. He immediately raised his little head and look at those amazing tools his father made.

The innocent Kiko is thrilled by the reaction of the girl. He just saw another person, aside from him who was also amazed with his father's creations.

The young opened his little mouth and said with full of pride in his voice, "Those are my Father's creations".

"My father is a blacksmith" The little boy added.

Aya nodded. 'So that was it' she says in the mind. She roamed her eyes and stared at those odd-looking items. 'Wow, I never thought that People in this era can also make items that are as good as the quality in my time'

'Really! There is truly many talented people born in this wide world'

After their short tour in the first floor, the two then went to the second floor of the house. As soon as she entered the house's second floor, a scene that she thought was only seen in the movies was presented in front her. The classical interior of the house, a typical traditional Filipino house that you can only find in those old ancestral buildings and houses. The living room decorated with furnitures like tables and chair that was made of pure Narra [1] and Rattan wood. It was coated with a red colored varnish that was often seen on those antique furnitures. And since they were in ancient times, electricity wasn't needed, It was a gasket is made of glass that has a curve shaped like those of a flame. An oil container was placed beneath; it was used to contain oil or gas to keep the flames from extinguishing. Kiko's home is simple, not that lavish and decorated with grandiose, but was neat and filled with the things a family should need.

Upon entering the living room, a lady immediately met the two and greeted Aya. This lady is the mother of Kiko, Juana. Kiko's mother, Juana is a beautiful lady. With her looks, one can not imagine that the madam was in her forties and also a mother of four children. If you look at it, despite being a mother and a housewife, she still looked young and looked like she was just in her early thirties. In her age, the woman still maintains her figure, beauty and her healthy white skin.

The young boy instantly approached her mother. Kiko gently held her mother's right hand. The young boy bows towards the hand of his mother and presses his little forehead into it [2]. Feeling delighted at her little son's good behavior, Mrs. Juana placed her palm on the little boy's head and gently patted him. Aya saw what the little boy did and she too did a "Pagmano" [2] towards the madam.

"May God bless you little lady," said the lady in her gentle voice. Aya was grateful to the lady in reply.

After the greetings, the little boy Kiko pulled Aya in front and introduce her to her Mother.

"Mom, she's the one who saved big brother Felipe from the plaza". Says the young Kiko. When the madam heard that, a big smile draw on her face. Immediately, the madam stood in front of her and held her hands tight.

Madam Juana looked at Aya's eyes. Then said in a joyful voice, "You are the savior of my son Felipe, I am truly grateful and is glad to know and to meet you personally young lady." The woman then turned to her son who was smiling widely at the girl's side. She then ordered, "Kiko, hurry and get some biscuits and drinks in the kitchen for the young lady".

At the sound of food, Aya's eyes glittered with joy and happiness.

She is very, very happy that she almost jumped in joy. But she manages to restrain herself and is currently rejoicing in her mind, 'Yes! I can eat too!! Yippee!!'

Not too long after, the young Kiko arrived with a plate of food and a glass of wine in his hands. The deligthed Aya, whose smile reached her eyes immediately thanked the two and began to chew on the food served in front of her. There is no such words that can describe the feeling that Aya currently feels. The taste of saltiness and sweetness in her mouth gives her an explicable delight. She licked every crumb, chewed and swallowed every piece. She has no food all day long and was so hungry 'till her pitiful tummy hurts. Now there were food served in front of her and these food was for her to eat and to enjoy. It is not just that, the amazing thing is that, it's also free.

While eating, of course Aya did not totally forget that there were also some other people present. So as she eats her fill, the two women talked momentarily and sometimes the young Kiko also participates in their conversation. The Madam offered her the opportunity to go to Felipe's room to visit him.

When Felipe knew that Aya was in their house. The young man insisted on seeing his savior. He wanted to thank her personally. But unluckily, he was still weak and can't walk properly due to his injuries. Aya knows this, she of all people knew the young man's condition and how grave, his injuries are so she immediately agrees to visit him into his room.

When Aya entered the room, she saw a young man in his twenties lying on his bed. His arms and legs are bandaged. There are also bruises in the face on the other side of his body. The young man whose name is Felipe was smiling when he saw the girl. He immediately recognized her not only for her beautiful face but also from her unique dress.

Philip wanted to stay out of his bed and stand, but Aya stopped him. "Well, you do not have to stand. You are still not well and it is not good for you to force your body, so just lay down, okay?" says Aya.

"The lady is right, you have to let your body rest first" Madam Juana advised.

It is good that Felipe listened to her and her mother's advice. After a long day, the time is already late. For a mother like Juana, she knew that it was too late for a young lady like Aya to go out so she offered her the invitation to stay at their house for the night. Aya was not stunned and immediately accepted by the lady's invitation. After that, Kiko and Juana gladly accompanied Aya to the room to which she will be staying.

The room was nice and cozy. It is also bright from the lightening coming from the gasket. As she was busy appreciating the interiors of the room, she suddenly heard a knock at the door. When the young woman opened the door, she saw a young little boy carrying a big pillow and blanket that was twice his size in his tiny round arms. Kiko's two eyes blinked as if it was speaking to her.

"My mother says to give big sister this cushion and blanket. It's clean and was washed by mother." Kiko smiled at Aya as he said.

Aya and then patted the little boy's head, "Thank you Kiko. Please tell madam, thank you."

The boy nodded vigorously as he ran back to his room.

A peaceful night across the Town. Everyone was silent and deep sleep. She really thought that in this cold night, she's going to sleep on a cold and hard cement.

But life truly is full of surprises, who would have thought that by saving accidently saving a pitiful young man, would result her into eating a delicious meal and sleeping in a soft and comfortable bed.

That night, Aya fell asleep feeling happy and comfortable.


[1].The narra tree is called the National Tree of the Philippines because it is commonly found all over the philippines and also the wood it provides is very sturdy and hard which makes it a good kind of wood for the carpenters in the philippines.

[2]. Mano or pagmamano is an "honoring-gesture" used in Filipino culture performed as a sign of respect to elders and as a way of requesting a blessing from the elder. Similar to hand-kissing, the person giving the greeting bows towards the hand of the elder and presses his or her forehead on the elder's hand. It was usually performed with the right hand, the person showing respect may ask "Mano po" to the elder in order to ask permission to initiate the gesture. Typically, someone may mano to his or her older relatives upon entry into their home or upon seeing them.
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    《Time-Slip Romance》