Time-Slip Romance
7 Capitulo VII -Worst than a beggar
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Time-Slip Romance
Author :ReneesmeQueen
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7 Capitulo VII -Worst than a beggar

The sun is going down in the beautiful city of Intramuros. Every single human being, all over the town were busy with their works, except one person.

After the commotion that siblings from the Augusto family created in the plaza, the onlookers were now back to their usual lives, so does Aya.

She refrain from loitering around, looking like a poor puppy left by her master in the middle of the street. She was alone and clueless as to what will she do after.

While everyone else is in their home and resting, here she is, alone and hungry in this foreign but not totally foreign place. Not just that, she was also feeling tired. She really, really felt tired walking all day.

Without any cue or even a single reminder, she has been transported into this timeline? She did not even have the time to bring some food to eat or money. T_T

Aya Helplessly scratched her head. What is the difference of bringing some money? Even if she had brought some; in this timeline, it was still useless. She can't even use it. The currency is different during this period. This wasn't 2019, the currency here is different. This was the 18th century for Pete's sake!!

What should he do? She was utterly clueless. Plus, the heck! She is hungry too you know.

The young woman was so upset that she was cuddling herself alone in this foreign place. She tried to search her body for a piece of candy, but unfortunately, only a bunch of receipts and papers were found in her pockets.

Oh! There was her Cellphone too.

The young woman let out a deep sigh. What would she do with a cell phone in this old age?

There's no fast food or even a delivery service here, so I cannot possibly use this to order a meal right? As if there is a signal tower in this old place. -_-

She slowly touched her stomach. She sighed ~ Her last meal was last night. She had not eaten since last night and her stomach is growling in pain. Aya sat in a corner. She was really hungry, but she does not know where she to get something to eat.

She has no money to buy food, nor is an acquaintance or a friend that she can ask for money to buy some. Aya is so upset about her situation, but she is still helpless enough to know how to lessen her sufferings. After all, she just arrived to this place and is new to everything here. Aya sighed again, this time she turned her head up to look at the now orangey sky.

Sigh ~ The sun is setting and soon, this whole place will be turning dark at any moment. What to do? I don't have a place to stay during the night. Aya let out a very deep sigh. She truly is feeling upset and helpless. She can't help but miss her house back in the future. Her warm bed and her refrigerator that is full of her favorite food.

"I miss my home. Yes, I've traveled in the past, but I don't even have a single penny in my pocket or a food to eat and a house to live. All I have is myself. I'm worse than those beggars on the streets. At least, they have houses that they can go to whenever they want to. What's the use of staying here if someday, I'll die of hunger and cold".

Aya felt so down. With so much sadness that she is feeling right now, she did not even notice that there was someone who is pulling her shirt from behind.

"Beautiful Lady" said the little voice coming from behind her.

Aya suddenly turned her head around with her body; there, she saw the small figure of a very handsome little boy. His chubby little fingers pulled the sides of her shirt as he stared at her shyly.

"Child, are you lost?" Aya asked the charming little boy.

In response, the little boy did not speak, but just shakes his head like a toy rattle.

Aya frowned and curiously asked, "Ow... Are you, perhaps hungry?"

The cute little boy shook his head again. Seeing the little boy shyly tugging the hem of her shirt, Aya helpless scratched her head. She then asked him again, "Then little boy, why are you here for? Do, you need something from me?" The little guy nodded, he looked at Aya, full of expectant on his pair of round eyes. Aya looked at him curiously. She thought, 'What could this little child need from her?'

Aya sat on a wooden stool nearby to level the little boy's height. She then faces him with a gentle look on her face. "Little boy, what do you want? Say it, this big sister will listen".

The little boy was hesitant at first, but eventually, the little guy then chooses to speak.

"Big sister, thank you! Thank you very much!"

Aya was flustered. She did not expect what the boy had said. This little guy right here is doing a full bow in front of her and she is clueless as why is he doing this.

She did not know how to respond to that, the only word she said was a single "Huh?"

Aya looked back at those pair of round eyes that resembles those beautiful stars in the sky. Shyness and a hint of fear, that the lady would get angry at him can be reflected in the little boy's eyes.

The little red lips opened again and a gentle, milky voice entered Aya's ears. She had lost her irritation that was caused by the hunger she felt for a moment when she heard the boy's little voice.

"Big Sister saved my brother a while ago, and Isko is very thankful." The little boy did a full bow again in showing his gratitude to the young woman. He then continued, "Big sister, my father and mother can't come with Isko. My Mother is nursing my brother with his injuries. My father can't come because he is currently working at the granary, so they can only ask me to thank you personally".
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    《Time-Slip Romance》