Time-Slip Romance
2 Capitulo II -Back to the 1800“s
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Time-Slip Romance
Author :ReneesmeQueen
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2 Capitulo II -Back to the 1800“s

"If you can choose again, will you go back to the past or would you rather face the uncertain future?"

"Will you still love a person even though you knew that you two might separate in the future?"

"Our love is like a dream, beautiful but short."

"Why do we still fall in love if we're going to fall apart after?"

"What else can I do if you'll leave me too?"

"If it is possible that someday, I can come back at your side and stay with you, will you wait?"


The girl lowered her head. She bit her lip as she felt pain coming from her chest-no, it was coming from her heart. The man's response to her question causes a tear to fall from her eye.

"I won't wait" The man continued to speak.

"Instead of waiting, I will look for you" He lifted his hand and wiped that tear on the girl's face.

The man holds her chin and lifted her face. Now, they were looking at each others eyes. The girl saw the man she loves, crying in front of her. Then he told her, "Wherever you go, I will look for you. I'll find you even in the depths of the earth or at the top of the highest mountain, I'll follow you."

"No matter what timeline we're at, the future or past- even centuries and millenniums will pass. The person my heart will love is you and you only."

A luminous light encircled the whole area. The man and woman standing in the middle in the middle of the aisle were swallowed by white light and disappeared. Aya did not know what she was seeing. All she knew was that, she felt a twisting pain in her heart. After a while, she was swallowed by the white light and the entire place that seemed like a dream vanished.

The next day...

Aya was awakened by the noise around her. She was still in a daze as she roamed her gaze all over her surroundings. Then something inside hit her. She wasn't in that old mansion anymore.

'WHERE AM I?!' Those three words repeatedly echoed in her mind.

Ay felt troubled and her mind was in a mess. She did not know what had happened to her.

She was mostly looking at her surroundings. 'Ugh! What's happening?! How come? How did I end up sleeping here?'

Sitting in a corner of the street, looking like a beggar-but at the same time-not. She recalled everything what happened before she came to this unknown place. She did not miss anything, even the smallest details like chewing a gum.

After an hour, Aya felt disappointed. 'Ugh! I don't really get it! No matter what I think, I didn't really remember coming here' she then looked around again.

The girl stood up and started walking. Though feeling perplexed, she forced herself to calm down.

Aside from the confusion and fear that Aya feels, there was also some awkwardness due to the looks given by those people who met her in the street.

The way they look at her is so weird. It was as if they saw an Alien or what...

At that moment, for the first time ever, Aya felt like she was the strangest person they've ever seen in the entire world, the universe rather.

As a straightforward person, Aya felt rather offended by those looks they gave her. So she raised her left brow and proudly face those people. ''What!? Haven't you seen someone so beautiful like me?''

"Those People!" she murmured as she angrily walked away.

Despite the annoying looks of the passerby, Aya still continues to walk until she arrives in the middle of a park. For a moment, Aya freezes as she saw the enormous, wide and elegant European styled park that was presented in front of her. The wide park was surrounded by grand buildings and stone mansions that you can find in countries like Europe. There are also guards guarding those grandiose iron gates. There were also some that're marching and some were stationed outside and around the buildings. The uniforms that they are wearing were like those of the guards at Buckingham Palace in London.

And not only that, there's some mansion that is similar to the structures of the current official residence of the Philippine President, which is the Malacañang Palace.

''Oh My God!'' She whispered to herself. ''Am I dreaming? Is this a dream?"

"Wow! It really felt like I was in Europe or in Spain?''


It doesn't feel that way.

Instead, it felt like, I was back in the past.

I know it doesn't make sense, but I really felt like I am currently in the past.

There's a beautiful smile on her face.

She looked again at the people around her and realize something. "Oh! So that's why they're staring at me like I'm some kind of an Alien."

She doesn't know how to describe what she is feeling right now.

The houses; the stone buildings; those marching guards; the people; their clothes." It's just like what she read in books.

In between her daze, she pulled man who was walking nearby to her side. Like the other people, the man also gives her an incredulous look. The man was a farmer and he was just here in the city to deliver some grains to the land owner.

'Where did this strange lady come from? I was just passing by this area so why had she suddenly pulled me to her side? ' He noticed the lady's complexion and her clothes. The poor man began to tremble.

'Had I perhaps done something wrong? But I was just passing by. Maybe I did something innapropriate and offended her? But what is that?'

This was the man's thoughts. Though he was unsure of what he did. The man immediately lowered his head and began apologizing.

Aya on the other hand did not know the man's thoughts. She just wants to ask him about some things, but the man suddenly lowered his head and began apologizing to her. He was speaking cautiously and looked like he was very scared of her.
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    《Time-Slip Romance》