Time-Slip Romance
1 Capitulo I -Torrential Rain
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Time-Slip Romance
Author :ReneesmeQueen
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1 Capitulo I -Torrential Rain

There were no stars in the sky. Extreme rays pour in every corner of the world. In addition, there was a series of strong thunder and lightning that dominated the dark sky. That time, the surroundings were almost at zero visibility.

In the midst of a thunderstorm and rainy night, a woman named Aya is currently running in a dark corner of Calle Crisologo in the town of Vigan. The two hands of the young woman covered her forehead to shield her face from the heavily smashing weather.

"Ugh! Why am I so unlucky?!" she said, feeling irritated.


She almost jumped in fright.

Another burst of thunder was released from the sky. Aya frantically finds a place where she can temporarily shelter herself during the stormy weather. She needs to find a place right away.. If not, she'll get sick from this cold weather by tomorrow. Luckily, she found a place. The place was an old abandoned mansion that looked like it was built during the time of the Spanish era.

Immediately the young lady entered the large mansion. She turned and look around the house. She thought, is there someone here? Will someone get mad about her staying at this mansion? It's just one night. Hey! Why would they get mad? I'm not a thief, though, and I'll most likely leave this place when the rain stops. So, it's should be okay if I just stay here for a while, right?.

Oh Wait! Wait!

Aya was suddenly taken aback by the thought in her mind. She turned her eyes around the mansion. Okay, this is an old house; no one is here, only her. There is no light. Well, aside from the light coming from the outside, it's too freakin' dark on the inside.

P-P-Perhaps... There's a G-G-Ghost living in here?

Strolling inside; with the use of the flashlight of her phone, she saw several antics and paintings all over the house. It looked old and almost everything there was wrapped in thick dust. There were some that have webs made by spiders that made it look more creepier.

But even so, they were still beautiful and elegant. A smile appeared on her face.

Old things were considered precious and special because they carry the memories and stories of the past that most people today can only read in History books. Other than that, they also include countless secrets of the previous world.

She cannot help but wonder. What kind of contained secrets and stories thus these old pictures and things have.

She walked around until she arrived in front of a large door. She pushes it open, what she saw was countless elegant paintings and large shelves that're filled with old and dusty books.

"Wow!" she said in awe.

Who wouldn't be amazed in this very large room that is full of treasures. She looked at the grand table and chair in the middle of the room, then to the countless books on the shelves. A thought came to her mind.

This should be the place where the old master of this mansion often stayed.

She stared at the big paintings that're hung up on the walls of the old study. Various kinds of images are drawn to each of the paintings. There are mountains, farms, houses, trees, ... Most of the paintings are about nature. But a picture really made her eyebrow raise.

'What the! A painting of a drinking glass? 'She can't help but laugh.

Afterwards, she stopped laughing. A thing, a picture rather; made her stop. Among those old paintings there, a painting of a handsome youth deeply caught her attention. In that painting, the youth is wearing a black cape. He looked majestic and handsome as he stood on a high platform. Behind him was a grand chair endowed with the colors red and gold.

He has this pair of deep tantalizing eyes that resembled the colors of the deep blue sea. They resembled the color of the deep sea; so deep that it can devour an entire soul within. His lips were as red as ripe apples that you will only see at the end of the summer. Captivating and kissable.

Coupled with his perfectly defined chiseled jaw that made him look strong and manlier.

Just looking at his features and they way he stood, you can actually say that the man in the picture is not merely an ordinary man whom you just meet on the streets. Well, in terms of handsomeness and aura, he was the male alpha. The man amongst men.

"So handsome, " she murmured to herself.

She was momentarily dazed. She spent a few minutes still staring at that picture.

A loud bang from the outside, again echoed throughout the house. The loud noise of the thunder seemingly brought her back to reality. He walks to the floor-to-ceiling glass window and observes the outside.

The girl let out a deep sigh. "Oh, it's still pouring" ╮ (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭ she whispered.

Many hours have passed but still the rain is still pouring.

'Looks like the rain didn't have the plan to stop ah,' she said in her mind. She walked towards the only chair in the room and sat on it. She leaned into the table and rested her head against her left arm. She let out a helpless sigh as she awaits for the rain to finally stop.

While waiting, she ended-up falling asleep.

The next day..... ...

Aya was awakened by the noise around her. When she completely awake, she realized she wasn't in the old mansion anymore, instead, she was in the middle of the busy market.
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    《Time-Slip Romance》