Through Hellfire
13 Found Him..
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Through Hellfire
Author :Castle_Light
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13 Found Him..

After sending her energy into Hawk, all his external and internal wounds healed completely. But despite being restored to perfect health, Hawk didn't regain consciousness.

The uprising in Vineyard City had been quelled. The streets were bloody and families were all wailing for their losses. There was a large loss of life and property.

The Shi clan which sought to benefit from the uprising and turn Vineyard City to their home ground was eradicated almost instantly.

Su Li's guards were all experts in God level, who were sent down to protect her by the Wood Alpha Sovereign. They were powerful enough to take care of any threat in Evergreen-3.

A few hours later, Su Li had contacted Su Wei who was away from Evergreen-3, on business to notify about the situation. Though the rebellion in Vineyard City was stomped out, the massive loss of life and random disappearances were all factors that would decide the flow of events for the planet's future.

The red flash was an event that Su Li couldn't piece together or put into words to explain to anyone. As soon as it happened, people who had all seen it had vanished without leaving a trace.

What is the red flash?

How did the people vanish?

Where did they go?

These were the questions that plagued her. But, above all, Su Yan too had vanished.

But how did he vanish?

Only people who had seen the Red flash had vanished. So how could a blind child, who can't physically see it, be taken away?


The event of the Red-Flash was inexplicable to almost everyone. The chaos that those disappearances had caused would persist for a long time to come.

Eventually, after a few years, people would move on from it, and try to go back to their normal lives.

Families would all feel the void of their loved ones, but over time most regained their formal liveliness and moved on.

What was called as the Red Flash, was actually the Wakening of the Hell Fish.

In a long forgotten ancient time, the Omega Sovereign had discovered another dimension that existed outside of our reality.

A dimension where cultivation was impossible, and where chaotic energy that opposed life thrived.

The Omega Sovereign noticed that once someone entered that dimension, there would be no way for them to return back. The new dimension would seal their cultivation, and make them it's own.

Seeing a brilliant opportunity, the Omega Sovereign mustered his cultivation power created a dao seal over the dimension. A seal that couldn't be broken unless one was in possession of the same power as the Omega Sovereign himself.

And who was the Omega Sovereign? Was his power something that could be reached by cultivation.

The Omega Sovereign was like a force of nature. It could be argued that he was nature himself.

He was the very first being to exist. In his loneliness, he had created all of creation itself. The infinite cosmos was his making, every inch of it was born from his mind.

He was creation and existence itself.

So, to seal off the new reality of existence, he produced a karmic seal and give it life. The karmic seal would be protected by the Dao itself and it would be everlasting. As a finishing touch, he gave the seal life.

As the Karmic seal came into being it took the form of a translucent Angler fish. Its scales were massive and each one of them could be considered the size of whole planets. The shining light on its angle was a star the size of a Red Giant.

The titanic Angler Fish came to be known as the Hell Fish. Its presence could only be detected by Sovereigns and it could only be seen by Alpha Sovereigns and above.

It always lay dormant and slumbered through millennia and no one dared disturb it.

Once every millennia, it would wake up from its slumber and stare down into the worlds below for one instant. During that instant, the Red Giant on its angle would shine and a flash would appear.

This is the Red Flash.

The Red Flash was impartial, and would pick up individuals at random and made them disappear into the dimension sealed by the Hell Fish.

Originally, it was created to seal off and imprison those cultivators who were dangerous and had done countless evil acts.

But, as the Hell Fish slumbered it gained sentience and broke away from its original purpose of existence. It began to take away people at random, whether they were cultivators or mortals. Even regular sovereigns were not safe unless they reached the power of Alpha Sovereigns.

It's power was on par with all the Alpha Sovereigns combined and it continued to sleep and occasionally take away people at random.

The most dangerous of beasts, who no one ever got bold enough to even dream of trifling with.

It's power was mythical and unconquerable. A beast to the truest sense.

The only one who could end its existence was its creator.

The existence of the Hell Fish was widely known, even though almost all of existence had not seen it.

Despite not seeing it, how could they not believe the tales of such a monstrosity which was passed down by the Sovereigns themselves.


Today, after another millennia of sleep, the Hell Fish had woken for an instant and its gaze had fallen on Evergreen-3.

Like it regularly did, the Red Giant Star on its angle shined and the Red Flash had resounded throughout the planet.

People had disappeared and the chaos spread.

But then, the most unbelievable and unexplainable of all took place. The Hell Fish in its ginormous entirety, had for one instance quivered.

It did not leave the notice of every Sovereign who was watching. They all watched with bated breath and wanted to gain a semblance of understanding at the Hell Fish's behaviour.

Then it happened. Three days after the Red Flash, IT happened. The Hell Fish ROARED.

It's roar was heard through all of existence. Every being alive had shaken in terror. Dragons, divine beasts, deities, Sovereigns... all of them felt the purest of fear in their hearts.

Worlds shook in their foundations, ancient mountains of ages untold had crumbled down to rubble.

As those almighty Sovereigns were terror struck, the most inexplicable thing that would forever blow their minds and remained a conundrum began to happen. As they were the only one's who were able to see it, they began to tremble.

The Hell Fish began to shrink. Its massive body began to shrink ever so slowly. The scales on its body grew bright and dimmed again. This kept on repeating itself.

Over the course of seven days since the roar, the Hell Fish had shrunk down to the size of a planet. Many believed that the Hell Fish was going to explode out and destroy the cosmos, but there was nothing that they could do to stop it.

Their powers were insignificant and any actions they would take would prove to be counter productive.

The Shrinking Hell Fish and the end of the seventh day, vanished and a character appeared in the space it previously lay.


The "seal" character then vanished and another character appeared, which shocked the many Sovereigns who were watching.



The Alliance of Alphas were completely shaken.

Every Sovereign of the cosmos were shaken.

They began to find out and investigate what had caused this world ending phenomena.

But their efforts led to nowhere and nothing.


Outside of the Cosmos.

A man was sitting in the lotus position. His appearance was that of a handsome man in his middle age.

Around him the ever present chaos trembled and shook.

Then suddenly, he opened his eyes and he cosmos grew brighter.

"So, you finally found him."

<End of Vineyard City Arc>
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    《Through Hellfire》