The supreme sovereign system
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The supreme sovereign system
Author :phamtonbullet
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332 Hidden Title

"Wake up"


"Oy, Wake up"

"Five more minutes~"



With pain on his stomach, Alfonso opened his eyes in pain and saw a small figure looking at him.

"Io…?" Murmured Alfonso.

"Are you still asleep? It's me, me"

Alfonso rubbed his eyes and saw a short-haired kid.

"Oh, it's you, Jessica, what's wrong?" Asked Alfonso.

"don't give me 'What's wrong, Jessica?' didn't you promise me that you will become someone who I can rely on?" Said Jessica.

"Aren't you ashamed that, as an adult, you sleep until so late!?" Said Jessica.

Alfonso looked outside and saw that it was still dark.

"It can't be… that I sleep a complete day!?" Though Alfonso.

"No, although I like to sleep, I wouldn't sleep for so long… maybe"

"Jessica… what time is it?" Asked Alfonso.

"It's almost morning" Answered Jessica.

Alfonso's eyes twitched.

"No, no, I can't get upset with a kid…" Though Alfonso.

"Jessica… is still a little bit too early… how about you go back and sleep a little bit more" Said Alfonso.

"Hmph! It seems that you are more spoiled than what I thought" Said Jessica.

She threw a set of cloth to Alfonso.

"To make you a reliable, I will first need to fix your bad habits… put that on" Said Jessica.


"I said put that on!" Shouted Jessica.

Alfonso finally put the new set of cloth.

"Okay, now that you are ready, let's go prepare breakfast" Said Jessica.

"Prepare? Hmm… Jessica, I paid so we don't have to worry about our meals" Said Alfonso helplessly.

"And that's exactly the attitude we need to fix, you are too spoiled, wasting too much money in something that you can do, come, I already arranged with the inn so they let me use the kitchen for free" Said Jessica.

"Damn" Though Alfonso.

After more or less than an hour, Alfonso and Jessica finally exited the kitchen.

"See? It wasn't so hard" Said Jessica.

"…" Alfonso was speechless.

"Now let's eat, those who work can eat" Said Jessica.

Alfonso sat down and began eating his breakfast.

"Strange, I feel that I have experienced this before" Though Alfonso.

"After you finished, wash your dishes and rest for a while, we will do some exercise later" Said Jessica.

"Jessica… I have to remember you that I am a poor blind man" Said Alfonso.

"Oh really?" Said Jessica.

She grabbed her glass of water and threw it to Alfonso.

Alfonso turned his head to the right evading it, however, he soon understood why Jessica did it after seeing the cheeky smile on her.

"Hoho, it seems that your eyes aren't as bad as you said" Said Jessica.

"…" Alfonso couldn't refuse.

In fact, it wasn't that he could see, however, since he awoke his will power, his senses amply by a huge margin, even without his sight, he could still perfectly 'see' everything around him.

Of course, he wasn't really blind either, but he will need some time before his eyes finished their transformation.

"Being seeing as a useless person has its advantages as well" Though Alfonso.

"B-but it's true that my leg is bad, that's why I use this cane" Added Alfonso.

"Don't worry, I already prepared, you won't use your legs" Said Jessica with confidence.

"She is not cute at all" Though Alfonso.

"Io… I miss you" Lamented Alfonso.

Jessica made Alfonso do a lot more than he expected, usually, his days will be very relaxed as he didn't do that much, however, today, Alfonso didn't rest for a single moment, doing things here and there. The others looked a little bit stunned how Jessica order around Alfonso, however, after some hours, they find it quite amusing instead.

"Finally" Said Alfonso exhausted.

He threw himself to the bed, he couldn't move a finger.

"Being around her is even more exhausting than fighting a champion" Murmured Alfonso.

Alfonso looked at the rooftop and sighed.

"I don't get it, if you are that troubled by her, why don't you refuse her request, it's not like she can force you, right?" A voice interrupted Alfonso's thought.

He looked up and saw Odysseus looking at him.

"Or it's because you feel guilty about her that you can't refuse?" Asked Odysseus.

"Yeah… I feel indebted to her" Said Alfonso.

"Pitying her isn't going to resolve the issue you know?" Said Odysseus.

"Pity? …No, I don't pity her" Said Alfonso.

"In fact, I quite admired her" Added Alfonso.

Odysseus looked at Alfonso.

"How come?" He asked.

 "That little girl is trying her best despite everything that she went through, even living with the person she hates the most… I can't help but admired her" Said Alfonso.

"She didn't have much choice, did her? If you didn't help her, she would have become the pet of that lord" Said Odysseus.

"Speaking of that lord, I think it's about time he visits me" Said Alfonso.

Just as he said that Selene appeared from the front door.

"Master" Said Selene.

"How many?" Asked Alfonso.

"Just three" Said Selene.

"Well, let's meet our guesses, shall we?" Said Alfonso.

He put his outfit on and walked towards the street, he walked for a couple of minutes until finally, three shadows appeared in from of him.

"I assume that you are the lord that wanted to take Jessica, yes?" Asked Alfonso.

One person walked towards Alfonso.

"So you were the one who interfered, as expected from Alfonso Lockheart, you are a nuisance even now that you aren't leading people to their deaths" Said the person in front of him.

"You must be Ivankov" Said Alfonso.

The person in front of him was a black fatted man with bald hair and black eyes.

"It's lord Ivankov for you" Said Ivankov.

"…" Alfonso didn't say anything.

"Alfonso Lockheart, I will give you a chance, this has nothing to do with you, hand over the kid and I will forget about this" Said ivankov.

"You sound way too confidant, I assume that you know that I can kill you without much effort, yes?" Said Alfonso.

Ivankov smiled at Alfonso's commend.

"Indeed, I am not a will user or a champion, killing me won't be hard" Ivankov didn't deny it.

"However… I just can't help but think that you won't dare to touch me" Said Ivankov.

"Why not?" Asked Alfonso.

"Because I know some people that will love to see you use your powers" Said Ivankov while turning to the other shadows.

Alfonso looked at the other two shadows, they were two women wearing white cloth, that covered her face.

However, after seeing them, Alfonso felt a knot on his throat.


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    《The supreme sovereign system》