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The supreme sovereign system
Author :phamtonbullet
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331 The child

*Tap* *Tap* *Tap*

Moving his leg up and down could be heard in all the rooms.

Alfonso was currently in a very, very important meeting with the council of men, alas, the only men right now were the young white-haired man and Mengele.

"So yeah, unfortunately, you two are all I have right now" Said Alfonso.

"That's rude" Said the white-haired young man.

"Hehe, fascinating! So, words have this power" Said Mengele.

 "Haaa~ maybe I was an idiot for asking you guys for help" Said Alfonso.


No, that's too much.


I think I will get killed if I said that.


That's too little.


If I said that, my corpse will never be found.

"Shit… What I am supposed to say to my mother-in-law?" Though Alfonso.

Of course, Alfonso was pretty cautious about meeting his future mother in law, Hecate.

"I can't even see her stats because the fucking system is updating!" Murmured Alfonso.

Since he finished the mission of the upgrade of the buildings, the system had an upgrade.

[Upgrading… days before upgrade: 14]

Funny enough, in 14 days it was the exact same day that he would arrive at Dragon City.

"Coincidence my ass… something big is going to happen in Dragon city" Though Alfonso.

However, Alfonso didn't have much of a choice, he was already there… might as well when all the way through it.

"Now that I think about it… I am going to see my brothers and sisters huh…" Though Alfonso.

Did he hate his sisters and brothers?

"No, I don't exactly hate them… but I don't like them either… especially that bastard, Fernando"

Alfonso had a lot of things to worry about, however, nothing came first except from the matter with Artemis.

"Sight… I will leave it to destiny when I see Hekate, I will figure something out"

Alfonso gave up.

*Knock* *Knock*

The sound of someone knocking the door came from outside.

"My lord" The voice of Selene came from outside.

"Come in" Said Alfonso.

Selene opened the door and came in.

"Well, we will we going" Said the young white-haired man.

He and Mengele left the room.

"How was it, Selene?" Asked Alfonso.

"I am sorry my lord, I failed the mission" Said Selene.

"What happened!?" Asked Alfonso.

Selene made a gesture with her head and a kid appeared from one side of the door.

"…" The kid looked at Alfonso with a strange expression.

Alfonso looked at the face of the kid and saw a bruise on his cheek.

"I see…" Said Alfonso.

Selene looked at Alfonso.

"What did you do to the perpetrators?" Asked Alfonso.

 "Death… except for one" Said Selene.

"Okay, got it, good job" Said Alfonso.

Selene bowed and then on her way, leaving Alfonso and the kid alone.

Alfonso looked at the kid for some seconds, he though a lot of scenarios before.

How should he act?

What should he say?

He rehearsed again and again, but now that it was the time, he completed forgot everything.

"What should I say?" Though Alfonso.

"Thanks for sending her to save me"

The kid was the first to talk.

However, his first words were unexpected to Alfonso.

"Oh… ah… yeah… don't worry about it" Said Alfonso.

Silence once again.

"This is awkward" Though Alfonso.

"Ah…eh…now that I think about it, I don't know your name yet" Said Alfonso.

"Why do you want to know my name?" Asked the kid.

"Well… you know… keep calling 'hey' or 'you' can be confused, that's why…" Said Alfonso.

"I might just remember the reason I never wanted to have kids" Though Alfonso.

"You… why did you bring me here…" Asked the kid.


For what reason I bring this kid here.




Maybe all of them…

"You want to ask for forgiveness? Ha! Dream on!" Said the kid with a sarcastic smile.

Alfonso was stunned how sharp the kid was.

"I don't expect you to forgive me…" Said Alfonso.

"I just… I just don't want to have more regrets…" Said Alfonso sincerely.

He didn't say that he was doing it for the kid, he couldn't lie to him like that.

No, to be more precise, he didn't want to lie to him like that.

So, he decided to be as sincere as he could.

"I know that you feel that I am pitying you, however, you are wrong, I feel that you are strong, stronger than you think, I just… I just want to give you the opportunity that my past actions took away, so…"

"Would you consider… coming with me?" Asked Alfonso.

The kid only looked at Alfonso, for some reason, this scene felt like a bad kid was caught by his father and he was sincerely apologizing.

In this case, though, the adult was the kid.

After some seconds of silence, the kid talked.

"Mother always used to say…"

"That the eyes were windows to the soul…"

Alfonso looked at the kid. He noticed that the kid has never left Alfonso's gaze.

"As much as I hated you, I have to admit…"

"That your eyes ae sincere"

The kid walked forward and stood a few centimeters away from Alfonso.

"My parents were my world for me… if you want forgiveness… then take their place" Said the kid.

"Become someone that I can rely on" Said the kid.

Alfonso was stunned once more, he looked at the eyes of the kid, which he now notices that were blue.

"As blue as the sky" Though Alfonso.

"Are you capable of that?" Asked the kid.

"Ye… yes!" Said Alfonso.

The kid looked at Alfonso and smiled a little.

He extended his hand.

"My name is Jessica, don't make my way for long"Said the kid.

"A…ah… I promise I won't, it's a pleasure Jess- mmm?"

"What is it?" Asked Jessica.

"Ah… no… It's just that Jessica is a strange name for a boy" Said Alfonso.

"I will forgive you just because my cloth looks boyish, but just be clear, I am a girl" Said Jessica.

"…" Alfonso was speechless.

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    《The supreme sovereign system》