The life of a footballer
1 1 The beginning
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The life of a footballer
Author :Aqil456
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1 1 The beginning

"Rinnnnng, rinnnnng!" Alright alright I'll get up. As the cold breeze of air comes in through the window from the cold air at Amsterdam a thought went through the young boy's mind, to think that at only 18 that he is now the man of the family. His dad left them a few years back leaving a ton of debt in his trails in which his single mother has to work 3 different jobs everyday. A cleaner in the morning, a cashier in the afternoon and a gate watcher(security) at night. His younger sister Angelina, 14 is still schooling, while he was already working. At a sweeper just near their house. As they both finish up their scrappy breakfast, just plain bread, they all head out to do their daily routines.

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Earning just €6 an hour is not something to be happy about when your taking care of your family and having to pay a debt that is probably gonna cost more than the cost to run your house for a year. Always getting bullied. by his former school mates who will walk past him in their school uniforms while he is wearing a torn t-shirt and is sweeping the road. He will come back the first at around 4pm while his sis would come back close to 5pm, while his mom would come back at different timings from 11pm-2am. And having the door collectors come to your house every month to collect money from your mom is not a pleasant sight. But even through this tough time Alex still has a friend. His last friend which was from sch. She lives opposite. to him.

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Her name? Emma. Doesn't it have a sweet ring to it?. She is his only friend which still remembers him an he once was and not thinking about how he we t bankrupt not wearing expensive clothing any more. Ding Dong! Emma has arrived and she brought hot chocolate for Alex. They sit in Alex's room and chatted and drank their hot chocolate all night at tmr was Saturday, Alex's big day. While they sat and talked Alex started to wander off into his imagination thinking about the future of him and his family how would it be like to be a professional footballer?.He was pulled back to reality by Emma by kissing him on the cheek. Instantly blushing she hugged him and both lied. down in the small bead that provided both if the warm and abit of comfort. They slowly started to hug each other and kissed and moved on to bigger things like touching each other at places where your not supposed to touch. Alex woke up to the birds chirping outside his windows, what happened?. He turned to the side only to see a half naked Emma in his bed sleeping close beside him. He instantly realised that he was naked.

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Oh crap!, he shouted accidentally waking up Emma. He calmed down only to panic again realising his mom would know about the situation. "Relax knucklehead, I've told. your mom that I'll be staying over to watch a movie with you." Ring ring" the alarm went off. Oh crap! he shouted yet again as he quickly got out of bead and wrapped himself in a towel and quickly headed for the toilet. 15 mins later he came out wearing his football attire from the shirt to the socks. "How I look?" he asked Emma. "Cute" she replied. Immediately he gave her a kiss on the cheek and ran off to 'Johan Cruijff Arena' the home to Axaj Football Club one of the best football clubs in the netherlands. He raced to catch the bus. An he was in the bus heading towards the stadium, he could see that many other boys just like him wearing the same clothing with the same dream. "The stadium is big!" he said even though he has come here once a week for the past 3 years. He stepped of the bus and walked to the stadium, determined.

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"Get in groups of 10!" shouted the academy's coach. Alex did so. "If anyone of you are not ready get lost right now!" shouted the coach. About 1/4 of the academy students left immediately with faces so scared and terrified. "Now the rest of u maggots, go do your training drills!!!" All sprinted to wear their boots and immediately ran around the pitch 5 times to warm up. Alex is wearing an old pair of boots that his dad gave him 3 years ago. Barely fits though, it hurts his toes. Just when it reached 1pm halfway through the selection process only 1/2 of the entire class remained. Alex couldn't take it anymore but still pushed to him maximum, past the breaking point of his body. "Alright boys go and cool down!" said the coach. Alex looked at his watch, 5.30?! He spent the entire day in the stadium. When he went into the changing room, only 25 players were left including Alex. By this time, he was scared. "Your out!,next!" one by one rejected by the board of directors and the head coach crying as they slowly make their way out of the stadium. "Alex?!" the coach called him. He walked slowly and confidently to the wide and big dark brown table where 5 adults consisting of the directors and the coach sit. "We have read all your coach can put up for your resume to join the club and we have decided to give you a chance and we will accept you into Axaj FC".

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"What?! " "Yes!!!" Alex shouted. "Come tomorrow morning to sign a new contract to become our newest signing in Ajax FC". The following morning, Alex was given his own representative he reads the piece of paper given to him seeing the wages of 20,000 per week. He was shocked even though that's not much as a footballer he was still grateful. He signed the contract.He was to choose a number between 15 to 30. "20?" he asked. Alright see u next week in training.

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    《The life of a footballer》