The Rise of the Blood Emperor
5 A Request from his Principal
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The Rise of the Blood Emperor
Author :Daoist_One_Sword
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5 A Request from his Principal

I woke up an hour later resting on Akane's lap.

As I tried to get up I realized that my entire body was sore making it hard to move.

"You should rest for a bit more your body still hasn't recovered," she said looking at me worriedly.

I shook my head as I knew that there were still a few things I needed to take care of before I could rest.

A lot of the students were still in panic and the situation had stabilized to a certain extent but

At this rate, the casualties would be devastating during the 2nd wave.

Noticing I had woken up everyone looked at me with different types of stares.

Within those stares, I saw various emotions such as fear, curiosity, and even respect.

Suddenly I could see three students walking over to me.

"Bro the way you killed those goblins at the end was insane man, you didn't look human!"(Uesato Dai)

"Yea, it looked like you were possessed by a demon."(Gima Shozo)

As the two were about to continue Akane glared at them shooing them away.

"Since your tired, we'll let you rest," as they left excited discussing something.

I nodded in acknowledgment as they both seemed unafraid of me despite what they saw,

I looked at the silent girl staring at me with her arms folded.

Just as I thought she would say something she gave Akane a smile and also walked away.

Confused I saw Akane was also frowning.

Whatever I thought as I checked the rewards.

"System interface."

Akane looked confused about why I was talking to myself but my next actions confused her more.

It seems as if I was swiping down from an invisible screen.

As I glanced at the rewards my eyes bulged.

Is this a bug I asked no one in particular.

Noticing that I was behaving strangely Akane looked at me worriedly.

"Kei are you okay? You should rest as your condition still isn't too good."

"I'm fine with a bit more rest I'll be better," I responded deciding to resolve her misunderstanding later.

While I was contemplating my next course of actions based on the rewards I glanced at the approaching teachers and administration.

My gaze particularly rested long on Ritsu Taro.

Out of the people here, the one he needed to be most cautious against was this man.

He possessed almost no combat ability but was able to survive 3 years through the calamity era just through schemes.

He even had a small reputation within Japan earning the nickname "viper."

"It seems like our young hero is awake."(Okuyama Senzo)

Okuyama Senzo - The P.E. teacher, a fairly burly man in his 40's and was divorced due to unconfirmed reasons but according to rumors his wife had eloped with a younger man.

Laughing loudly he came over to slap my back but Akane quickly glared at him so his hand stayed frozen in midair as he retracted it awkwardly.

"What are you thinking Okuyama sensei, he's injured!"(Mura Ayumi)

Mura Ayumi- The mathematics teacher for the 1st year students. She was a friendly teacher, well-liked amongst many of the male students.

24 years old, still in her younger 20's, she was the dream of many ambitious male students.

"Enough!"(Aikawa Abi)

Aikawa Abi - The English teacher for the 1st year students. Coming from a traditional family she was often ridiculed for being old-fashioned by many of her students. Many of her students disliked her for her strict and inflexible attitude. She was in her early 30's with rimmed glasses and a cold gaze.

"Aikawa-sensei is correct, let's briefly ask what we need to know and let him rest."(Omura Kisho)

Omura Kisho - The Science teacher for the 1st year students. Fairly handsome but slightly creepy he was liked by a few girls students with unique tastes.

"Cough Cough."(Tachibana Keiko)

Tachibana Keiko was the vice-principal, age 28 but didn't look a day over 20, nothing else was known about her and her identity remained mysterious to many students.

"Thank you Tachibana-san. Getting directly to the point, Muramasa-kun we were wondering if you knew any information regarding our current situation?"(Ritsu Taro)

As I gazed at his gentle smile and his disgustingly fat cheeks an urge to vomit came over me as I held in the urge.

"Principal I am also unsure of what is going on," I responded smiling bitterly.

Hearing my response all the teachers looked at each other obviously disappointed.

"That is obviously reasonable. Then I would like to ask you another question, how you are so strong?"(Ritsu Taro)

Here it comes I thought.

"Well," I responded with a difficult face.

"It's fine if you don't want to say."(Ritsu Taro)

SIghing I put on a helpless expression.

"I am descendant of a long-running family of swordsmen originating from the Edo period. Training with the sword since the age of 5. I have relentlessly trained every day."

Bewildered the teachers seemed confused while only the two principal's remained calm with pondering expressions.

Why are they looking at me like I have 8th-grade syndrome I thought confused.

"He's the national winner for the middle-school Kendo division and the youngest 8th dan in history, internationally recognized as the sword prodigy of our generation."(Saiba Akane)

Hearing Keiko's answer the teachers seemed impressed and convinced.

I forgot that their mindset is still pre-calamity I thought exasperated.

The calamity had changed the mindsets of everyone that survived.

Idols that used to be respected and fawned over became slightly rare goods sold as slaves, while anybody arrogant enough to flaunt status was quickly turned into corpses.

"Wow! That's amazing Murasama-kun."(Mura Ayumi) She said while clasping her hands together with sparkling eyes.

Abi-sensei and Keiko-san also seemed quite impressed.

Huh? Suddenly I could feel hostile intentions as I quickly found the origin.

Omura-sensei? At first glance, he was just smiling but I could feel the hostility seeping from his aura.

Deciding to keep it in mind I sent my gaze back at the Principal.

"That's certainly impressive," he said while nodding passively.

"Not at all, sir."

"No need to be so modest. Having such achievements at your age is certainly impressive, I'm sure your future is limitless."

My mouth twitched as I put on a facade smiling.

"Well, we certainly understand the reason for your strength now and would like to ask a favor from you. A couple of teachers have already checked outside and confirmed we are unable to leave the school premise."(Ritsu Taro)

Although I knew so already, I showed a surprised expression on my face.

"We think that there will likely be the 2nd wave of monsters and possibly even more than before…"

The teachers seemed gloomy while only Taro and Keiko seemed calm.

Pausing he put on a shameful expression while sighing.

"Could you please protect the school?"

Weird, he seems awfully too calm I thought.

Principal Taro was a calm man but one of his greatest flaws was he would panic when his life was in danger yet such a man was completely serene.

If I recall correctly there shouldn't anything that would give him confidence as of now.

Is there something I'm not aware of?

Examining Principal Taro's face I wasn't able to discover anything.
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    《The Rise of the Blood Emperor》